The Musicians > Juan Grecos
 He began studying the guitar at the age of fifteen. Among his maestros is the reknowned guitarist, Niño Ricardo.
He has accompanied many celebrated dancers such as the celebrated Antonio y Rosario, "La Quica", María Rosa, and María Magdalena, among others. He has also accompanied numerous cantaores (flamenco singers) such as Jacinto Almadén, Canalejas de Jerez, Chano Lobato, El Chaleco, Naranjito de Triana, and Ramón "El Portugués".
He has been a guitarist at Torres Bermejas in Madrid and El Colmao in Valencia. He has also performed as soloist with the Lindsay Kemp Company in the production Duende doing the guitar arrangements for the songs of Federico García Lorca. He has travelled through Europe, North Africa and América with various productions and companies. 
He is the author of the book, The Flamenco Guitar, for which he received the "IV Centenary, Quijote Medal" in 2006. 
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