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Javier Calderón, “El Tete”, is a young flamenco singer with an unusually extensive experience from a very early age. He has participated many contests such as VEO VEO with Teresa Rabal, another presented by Manolo Escobar,  Orihuela a la Fama for Channel 9 when he was 9 years old, winning Second Prize. He has also participated in the National Contest of the "Cante de las Minas" in La Unión (Murcia).

A highlight was his participation in the Fosforito Festival and also with “El Pele” in the Auditorium of Torrente.

He sings for many flamenco dancers and has accompanied Fernando Luján, “Chiqui”, Teresa Cañada, Leo Molina, Esther Garcés, La Mary, Manuel Serena, and El Metralla.

He worked for 3 years in the Conservatory of Riba-Roja and currently is the singer in the Superior Dance Conservatory of Valencia.

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