The Elegance and Flamenco Mystique return to the Talía Theatre in Valencia...



“Flamenco en el Alma” (Flamenco in the Soul) by the Ballet Español Julia Grecos will have three performances at the  Teatro Talía in Valencia, the coming days in July, 12th, 13th (9 P.M.) and 14th (7 P.M.).



Those who know the work of Julia Grecos, since she first created her company, find themselves seduced by the Mystery and Sentiments that flamenco transmits, the “Duende”. Within this interchange between the artist and the audience, the spectator receives a profound message through elegant movements and subtle and suggestive gestures. These create a communication that is felt by both. It is a silent and very personal communication.



During the entire performance there are surprises with a variety of rhythms, movements and music that transport you to other countries and continents. In the course of the show there are changes of colour, atmosphere and movement that join to transmit a state of being, a disposition to receive the energy offered by all of the artists that are on stage. All of the artists of, “Flamenco en el Alma”.



Always with her original staging, themes and choreography, Julia Grecos is faithful to her slogan, “A different way to See and Feel Flamenco”.


Teatro Talía, Caballeros, 31, 46001 Valencia. Tel. 963 912 920.


Box Office: 2 hours before each performance.


Ticket Sales:ñol-julia-grecos-evento_1_2_46_77109


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