VolverEmociones Flamencas

JULIA GRECOS  was a friend of Dora Ruiz and studied with her. In this project she joined the creation of her own company with a tribute to the memory of her maestra.

This production is a voyage through flamenco dance, singing and guitar. It is born as a remembrance of a dancer who dedicated her life to this art. We refer to Dora Ruiz, who travelled the five continents dancing, creating and teaching Spanish Dance.

EMOCIONES FLAMENCAS is a ballet-elegy that is articulated in eight scenes without breaking the continuity. A saeta opens the door of memory and, as a dream, flows together with moments of life joined with the sounds of flamenco. The siguiriya, which is translated into an imaginary conversation, is the point of reencounter between the present and the past in the inheritance of art, in the transmission of experiences. The transmitted experience is converted into emotion. Emotion to live! Emotion to dance! Emotion for one to feel like another link in the passion of flamenco.

Antonio Díaz Zamora