THE MOON, as the origin from which life surges, the mirror of maturity and growth of living beings, the weaver of human destiny and the magical sorceress of order and chaos, is the source of inspiration for the new choreography of Julia Grecos. The plot is developed following the phases of the lunar cycle y evolves, freely, with the force of the elements 

The legend, timeless and mythical, is told as following:
> In the beginning there was darkness and water. The priestess of the moon 
   congregates the bodies without souls and gives them the spirit and sight.

> Everyone celebrated the birth of the child-moon.

> The moon left the earth to the women and men so that they could continue their
    life cycle.

> Upon seeing the happiness of the people, the moon sorceress called upon the
    tinieblas and felt the need to bewitch them and lead them to destruction.

> The moon became invisible for three nights. Death covered the earth. The cycle
   was completed.
     In the beginning there was darkness and water... 
The mystery of death was conquered by the rebirth of THE MOON.
                                                                                         Antonio Díaz Zamora